Tours are an integral part of the Rotary activities. Every club, zone or District encourages outing and organises various tours to the liking of the members or their family. Travelling is fancied by many especially in groups where the enjoyment escalates. Travelling is also considered as having many benefits and advantages.
During the regular club meetings it may not be possible for the individuals to mingle with others and to explore the individuality of the fellow Rotarians or their families. We have to find special time to do so. Tour programs gives us opportunity to reinvent and rediscover the depth of the existing friendships and to know more about people to enlist as potential contacts. In-house meetings has its limitations about time and resources. While on tour one can socialise freely and make instant friends who may even remain as lifelong associates.
Travelling is also considered as a stress reliever. Stress is a natural part of life. It help us to survive. But carrying too much stress on regular basis may be dangerous. Many things can contribute to the stress levels in individuals like work, family, relationships or even a change in the health status. It is specified that even positive changes in health conditions can also bring stress. Lot of activities are considered as stress or tension relievers. The best method that is scientifically proven is to do what one likes the most. Indulging in ones’ favourite activity definitely bring joy and reduces tension and stress. Travelling is one of the activities which is proven to reduce stress. Travelling can bring relief especially when stressed. It can be one of the best ways to remove stress, reduce tension and restore balance in life.
Many benefits of travelling also include improvement in ones’ social skills. Social skill are the skills which we use to communicate and interact with each other, both verbally and non-verbally, and also include gestures, body language or our personal appearances. We, being social animals, have developed many ways to communicate our messages, thoughts or feelings. We go on improving these skills through various means like specified leanings, experiences or social interactions. Tour or travelling adds a lot to these skills as more opportunities are created for this while travelling.
Travelling is also a great leveler. It is said that the true character of peoples are displayed while on tour, especially in groups. It is very true in Rotary outings too. You are in a group of people from different areas united through Rotary. There might be people who are moderates or radicals both in behavior and dealings. Also there could be people from different religious beliefs, customs, and politics. Travelling together could bring a lot of personal and social changes in them. Occasions may arise even to deal with unfriendly fellows. The natural inhibitions pave way for free and frank attitudes and words which naturally cements interpersonal relations. Rotarians should make it a habit to use every opportunity to travel together, both with members of their club and with members of other clubs, as friendship is the very foundation of Rotary movement! Jai Rotary!!
S S Nair

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